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If you’re unfamiliar with this Heavy Metal band, then this is a good place to start, but I bet your bottom dollar in the live arena is where you’ll truly appreciate this band.

Hailing from Copenhagen, main man, guitarist Thomas ‘Pede’ Pedersen, has captured their heaviness and intensity to great effect. Admittedly it took me four spins to really dig this
but I ended up going out in my car in order to play it at earth shattering volume to get the true effect and found myself headbanging away like nobody’s business! Similar to the fantastic Southpaw probed that featured Mats Leven on vocals and three members of Europe that preceded Europe’s heavier comeback, and with elements of modern day Skid Row, Pantera
and the awesome Metal Church, if you like your music heavy, and in places brutal, but infused with enough melody and headbanging nous, then you don’t need to look any further than
Black Succubi.
There’s plenty of rapid fire drumming and scorching melodic solos mixed with the heavy down-tuned riffing and Jesper Brogaard’s rumbling bass, as so evidenced on a lot of
European Heavy Metal bands, with strong emphasis on the melodic choruses.

Formed in 2005, this is their sophomore release featuring striking conceptual artwork,
although a 13-track CD was recorded but never released featuring previous Norwegian singer Yngve Raudberget in their fledgling year, following hot on the heels of a 4-track EP with original vocalist Mike Moses who quit very soon after. They had a stable line-up from 2006 to 2009 before co-founding drummer Jens Berglid left to focus on his other band Fate, with whom many will be familiar and who incidentally had guitarist Hank Sherman guest on their debut album, so they recruited a more Metal influenced and talented young drummer in Jesper Olsen.

Thomas Pedersen holds down all the heavy riffing, ably backed up by new lead guitarist Jan Weincke and he lets rip on some fluid melodic lead breaks and solos throughout. The opening title track song is their statement of intent and sets the pace for the whole album with its brutal Metal riffing and vocalist Jan Lundstrøm’s melody infused choruses, with Kira Li handling lead vocals on one song ‘Time For Goodbyes’ and adding backing vocals to four others.

I fully expect die-hard AOR fans to give this a swerve but the more metalised ears amongst you should give this a fair hearing as you may be pleasantly surprised, as was I, at just how
damned good this is – it’s like being 17 all over again!

Carl Buxton,
Fireworks – Melodic Rock Magazine, UK

Printed magazine, issue 61, Jan/Feb 2013