The Metal Observer, Canada, 7.5/10

MetalObserverAnd now, time for some good old-fashioned Hard Rock. Denmark’s BLACK SUCCUBI count among their ranks members of such experienced bands as IronFire, Sons Of Tomorrow, PitchBlack, and Crafted, and when these boys get together, boy, do they ever rock. However, they’re perfectionists when it comes down to the music; even though BLACK SUCCUBI have already recorded one full studio album, they never released it. This was in hope that their “true” professional debut would be as strong as it could be, so as to attract label interest. The band’s second demo contains two songs from that upcoming album, and if “Time To Get Even” and “Blood And Flames” are any indication of what’s to come, then BLACK SUCCUBI should have a hit on their hands.

“Time To Get Even” blasts out of the starting gate with a powerful riff and pounding drums, eventually launching into a hook-filled verse. Singer Jan Lundstrøm makes his presence felt from his first few simple words: “Hey, hey, HEY!” His charisma oozes all over the vocal lines of the verses, as well as the catchy chorus. “Time To Get Even” also features a blistering guitar solo. “Blood And Flames” is a bit of a downer after the smoking opener, but it’s still a decent song regardless. It follows along the same lines as “Time To Get Even”, only it’s not as well written or as catchy.

BLACK SUCCUBI’s formal debut should be arriving later this year, so listen to the two tracks available. If the whole rough ’80s Hard Rock aesthetic is your bag, then feel free to pick up the full Danish delight when the boys in BLACK SUCCUBI find a suitable record label (and they will, believe me). Overall, I’m looking forward to see what else they’ve been hiding, and I’ll be there when the full album drops.

The Metal Observer, Canada

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