Short Biography

Black Succubi is here with a back-to-the-roots agenda of composing and performing the essence of hard and heavy rock’n’roll: Crushing guitars, thundering drums, pounding bass and powerful vocals supported by catchy harmonies and bluesy guitar solos. The five members of Black Succubi trusts their music be a grooving and efficient mix of heavy riffing and melodic hard rock hooklines.

Black Succubi was formed in 2005, as a studio project, by longtime friends and bandmates of Sons Of Tomorrow, Jens Berglid (Fate, Iron Fire, Star Rats) on drums and Thomas ”Pede” Pedersen (PitchBlack, Bleak) on guitar/bass. A 4-track EP was recorded with Mike Moses on vocals and longtime friend Stefan Krey (Gas Giant) on lead guitar. Sadly Mike Moses soon left the band, but the remaining 3 members decided to carry on as a permanent band. Bass player Jesper Brogaard (Symbolic, Seven Thorns) and Norwegian singer Yngve Raudberget joined the band and completed the line-up. A 13-track CD was recorded, but never released as Yngve moved back to Norway and later Stefan Krey left to focus on Gas Giant.

In late 2006 Jan Lundstrøm (Sons Of Tomorrow) was recruited as the new singer alongside guitarist Michael Søgaard Larsen. The addition of the 2 new members perfected the bands unique trademark sound, hard trashy riffing with big catchy sing-along choruses.

In 2008 the highly acclaimed self-titled debut was digitally released through iTunes, and other sites. The album featured speial guest apperances from close friends of the band; Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate, Force of Evil), Kirk Backarach (IronFire) and California rocker Rachelle Ramm.

In November 2008 Black Succubi embarked on a UK tour to promote the debut album. The highlight of the tour was the warm up gig for American shredder Joe Stump.

In late 2009 Jens Berglid left the band to focus on Fate and was replaced by young talent Jesper Olsen. Jesper joined with a more metal-styled approach in drumming and fit perfectly in the writing process for the new album.

In early 2012 all songs for the new album were written, but sadly Michael decided to leave the band to focus on family life. The 4 member band started recording the new album and soon long time friend Jan Weincke (Xcentric) joined the recordings as the new guitarist.

Throughout 2012 and early 2013 the new album “Eye Of The Beholder” was recorded, mixed and mastered at guitarist Thomas “Pede” Pedersen’s Earplug Studio (Iron Fire, Demonica, Mercyful Fate, PitchBlack, Fate, Deus Otiosus, Forcentury, Victimizer, Eciton). At the end of the recordings Jesper Brogaard decides to leave the band and is replaced by Morten Sefeld (Haltefanden, Extreme Feedback).

“Eye Of The Beholder” was released on CD August 2013 through Gateway Music and digital download on iTunes,, among other sites. A European promotional deal is in the process and gigs for late 2013 and 2014 are being planned. The band is as strong as ever and ready to hit the road.

September 2013