Review from Froster, Ukraine. 8/10 score!

Froster.orgBLACK SUCCUBI (.dk) Eye Of The Beholder 2013
Self Released

¬†Until now the Danish heavy metalists Black Succubi hardly could boast of being known in post-soviet territories. However their new album “Eye of the Beholder” can radically change this and have a positive impact on the musicians’ future. What can we say about their new record? Oh! It has many interesting aspects – first of all, its a good and strong vocal without any impudent imitations of their counterparts (colleagues by the same genre). Secondly, music itself. This is a kind of heavy horror influenced by hard rock vibrations and spiced by dark mood and intonations, which all evoke some associations with Cage, King Diamond, Morgana LeFay, Tad Morose etc. Black Succubi perhaps tend to uphold Swedish power metal and hard rock traditions. A good number of band’s hits such as Eye of the Beholder, Lullaby, Retribution/Revolution, Dream Little Dreamer is a proof. Plus album’s cover deserves a couple of positive words as well. The cover fully reflects mood of the disc. If you are a fan of powerful melodic and modern dark heavy – the new album of Black Succubi is something we can definitely recommend.

Rating: 8/10
Users rating: 10/10
Rover, Ukraine

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