Pyro Music, Australia, 5.6/10

Questionable band name aside, Denmark’s Black Succubi are of many bands in the rapidly growing European scene looking to gain some attention from Metal fans worldwide. While only a two-track demo, this effort indicates that perhaps a few labels around the place ought to be paying the band attention.

Despite the fact the band only formed two years ago, the two tracks here blend elements of traditional Heavy Metal, melodic Hard Rock and even a touch of Blues with a reasonable degree of aplomb. The two tracks aren’t remarkable or earth-shattering in terms of songwriting or musicianship, but are solid if nothing else. The Metal-style riffs, strong chorus and Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe of ‘Time To Get Even’ make it arguably the more memorable of the two songs. ‘Blood And Flames’ is heavier, and has a neat little riff and vocal hooks though, not to mention galloping drums and more than capable lead work.

While far from exceptional the production is adequate, and there’s enough to suggest here that this band could make some waves beyond their local scene. One word: potential.

Pyro Music, Australia