Promo 2005

cd2004First Black Succubi demo

Track list
1. Rain
2. Live
3. Shine
4. Spinning Round

Album info
Music and lyrics by Black Succubi.
Recorded and mixed at Earplug Studio in 2004 by Thomas Pedersen and Stefan Krey.
Mastered at Baandkraft by Chris.

Mike Moses (Michel Tyeders): vocals
De Tomazio (Thomas Pedersen): bass and guitars
J.B. (Jens Berglid): drums
De Stefano (Stefan Krey): guitars

“Live” was later reworked and renamed “Into Oblivion” on the 2008 debut album. For the unreleased 2006 album “Shine” was reworked into “Give It All You’ve Got” and “Spinning Round” into “My Burden”.