Fantastic review from UK ‘Power Play Magazine’. 8 PowerPoints!

Although billing themselves as a melodic metal outfit, Black Succubi stand out through the real bite in their music. Hard rock constructions delivered through a filter of merciless metal, “Eye Of The Beholder” marries thick, crunchy guitars; “Lullaby” is a great example of this, where the wondrous rising vocals are expertly counterattacked by low, grinding riffs. Indeed, the band are more then willing to muck in musically throughout, with “Strangest Place” bragging some of the albums dirtiest guitar lines, the rhythms squelching like sludge whilst maddening leads rise above it.

Although the music is almost always despotically heavy (a clear Black Label Society influence comes through on a couple of tracks, particularly the mechanically riffed “Until You Sleep”), what ties everything together are the vocals of Jan Lundstrøm. Powerfully mid-ranged and raspily tuneful in equal measure, Lundstrøm manages to find the perfect balance between matching the intensity of music and carrying a tune. This is none more true then on the album highlight “Time For Goodbyes”, which sees Lundstrøm’s lows counteracted by the higher range of guest singer Kira Li, their two distinct ranges perfectly complementing one another.

Overall, in “Eye Of The Beholder”, Black Succubi have succeeded in crafting a wonderfully dark and memorable contribution to the melodic metal genre


8/10 Powerpoints.
Sam Khaneka,
Power Play Magazine, UK


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