‘Metalliville’, UK. Review – 8/10!

BLACK SUCCUBI – Eye Of The Beholder.
(Gateway Music – 2013)

Not some experimental hip-hop metal excuse as the name speaks aloud to us, Swedens Black Succubi do on the contrary what Sweden do a lot of very well – power metal.

These noisy Nordic chappies start as they end, delivering their crunching chords straight in the middle as well. Losing the sonorous symphonic vocal approach, Jan Lundstrom comes in with a matured Bruce Dickinson demeanour as an alternative though palatable flavour. One might find it falls out of places with the thrash-oriented approach of twin guitarists Thomas and Jan but the tempos sit in a disciplined spot between slow and fast.

Driving a sludgy metal machine with a fitted accelerator they use sparingly works for Black Succubi seeing as they like to supply hooks to every song instead of relying on endless solos to sell them. Moody and meaty, with an occasional awkwardly grungy nterval, ‘Eye Of the Beholder’ is a grower that grabs you as you play and almost refuses to let you go.
Worth finding.

Dave Attrill
Metalliville, UK

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