Metal Revolution Webzine, Denmark, 74/100

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 04.22.52See, first when I thought that I knew Danish metal scene almost better than anyone else, I found out about Black Succubi, another great Danish band which I never heard of before. The band recorded a 4 track promo cd in 2005 and already a year later a full-length release showing that they mean it serious with their music. Now, again only a year after, the band is ready again, this time with 2 track demo which should be seen as a prerecording for the new album. There are as stated above only two tracks, first one called “Time to Get Even” which is in my opinion a better, or more catchier one, if you like. The second song is “Blood and Flames” giving you just a foretaste of what you can expect from a new opus later this year.

From the very first sound it is obvious to hear that these guys are all more of less very experienced coming from such major bands such as Iron Fire, Bleak, Symbolic, Sons of Tomorrow and Gas Giant. The kind of metal they play is somehow groovy but with rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere and above everything crushing heavy guitar riffs, thundering and diabolic drums, pounding bass and very powerful vocals sometimes changing from harsh and deep towards more catchy and melo. The song are well structured with once again catchy harmonies and bluesy almost Aerosmith like guitar solos. The sound in general is almost perfect and song writing is decent this time.

All in all, in order to summer things up a little bit, I can say that Black Succubi is definitely a pleasant meeting for me esp. because I didn’t know what to expect. I can recommend this CD for any hard & heavy music lover. For more info go to or contact the band through email.

Metal Revolution, Denmark

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