Metal Rage, Holland

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 02.14.31A quote from the official bio: “We have just finished a 2 track demo as a prerecording for the album. The songs ‘Time To Get Even’ and ‘Blood And Flames’ showcases the state of Black Succubi right now and are a small taste of what’s to come later this year.”

So the main questions that arises is: does this demo make people curious to what’s yet to come or would it have been better not to release this one? Let’s find out shall we?

The first song, ‘Time To Get Even’ kicks in with, in a certain way, the same “Hey hey heeey” that is used in Metallica’s ‘I Disappear’, which I find a pretty cool song so that’s good. But of course Black Succubi plays another kind of music and that soon shows. As they like to call it themselves: “…the essence of hard and heavy rock ‘n’ roll…” and yeah, I agree on that. Strong and grooving heavy rock ‘n’ roll.

Of course that’s not the most original style one can find in heavy music but this sure sounds more than decent. The songs both have a strong vibe to them and are good enough to make a crowd move I’d say. But then again, don’t expect to hear something you’ve never heard before. It’s been done before, sometimes in a better way, sometimes way worse. I’d say this demo is a nice preview of their upcoming album. People that are into rock ‘n’ roll with some heavy metal in it as well should check this out. Bring on the rock ‘n’ roll!

Metal Rage, Holland

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