Metal Perspective, Greece, 6/10

Black Succubi was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005 with a back-to-the-roots agenda of composing and performing the essence of hard and heavy rock’n’roll: Crushing guitars, thundering drums, pounding bass and powerful vocals supported by catchy harmonies and bluesy guitar solos.

This is the Black Succubi’s exact description of their music. In my opinion they’re playing a nostalgic 70’s heavy metal with an up to date production. The current two track demo has “Time to Get Even”, which is by far the best song with powerful vocals, catchy tune and thundering guitar riffs. Nice song indeed. The other track “Blood & Flames” sounds a bit average, but hard enough though and the guitar solo reminds a lot of Aerosmith. So if their expected new studio album is in the vein of “Time to Get Even”, we could welcome them with a smile.

Metal Perspective, Greece