Interview with Thomas in Fireworks Magazine, UK

This month British Fireworks Magazine feature an interview with guitar player ‘Pede’. The Interview is in issue 63 May / June 2014 and can be found on the shelves from April 18 at all well-stocked retailers, such as WH Smith etc.


‘Eye Of The Beholder’ is the totally superb new CD from melodic hard rock outfit BLACK SUCCUBI whom we featured in Fireworks several years ago.

The band are from Copenhagen. The band are: Jan Lundstrøm – vocals, Thomas Pedersen – guitars, Jan Weincke – guitars, Morten Sefeld – bass and Jesper Olsen – drums.

I caught up with Thomas Pedersen to find out more. Thomas started out in music because of his father. His dad used to play the bass in a rock band. Thomas used to love it when his dad took him to the rehearsal room and let Thomas beat the drums or just scream in a microphone. His dad also listened to Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top. So Thomas was brought up with rock and roll.

‘When I was 13 I started playing my dad’s old guitar through a bass rig jamming with a drummer from school. As years went by the bands I was in became more and more serious. Mostly I played death metal but also some 70s groove rock before starting Black Succubi,’ he tells me.

Thomas is inspired by bands such as Testament,  Black  Label  Society,  Slayer,  Kreator but also more hard rock acts such as Europe and Whitesnake.

‘John Norum and Zak Wylde are my 2 favorite guitar players. The inspiration behind the album is the music from the bands mentioned above as well as being inspired by everyday life. Kids, work, girlfriends, parties, concerts and what else goes on in this crazy world,’ he says.

Black Succubi was formed in 2005 in Copenhagen by Thomas and the old drummer as a studio project. The first demo was very much inspired by Black Label Society. They decided to carry on as a permanent band and went through some lineup changes before finding their style. Hard and heavy metal with catchy/sing a long choruses.
On 2008 the band released our highly acclaimed self-titled debut album.

‘We played a lot of gigs and also went on a small club tour in the UK. I think that what makes us different from other bands is that we try to combine thrash metal riffing with a more hard rock kind of song writing. Clean vocals and big catchy choruses and not to complicated song structures, says Thomas.

The album consists of 11 songs, 1 interlude and a short acoustic version 0f the title track. The album has a lot of variety. There’s some real thrashy stuff such as ‘Into the Night’ and ‘Sin of Man’ and then some more straight forward rock and roll such as ‘Retribution/Revolution. The album also has a very melodic duet ‘Time for Goodbyes’ with the female punk rocker Kira Li. ‘I really think we have found our path of song writing on this album,’ he says.

‘I think we have matured a lot in our songwriting. Some of us are getting some old farts as well. Ha ha. We have really tried to nail those catchy choruses and try to simplify the song structures. And I think we have succeeded quite well. We also have a new young drummer Jesper Olsen that really has given the songs a bit more metal approach. Also the new guitarist Jan Weincke has nailed some really interesting leads. The debut album where a bit more experimental and rock and roll with more classic straight ahead leads. But I am still very proud of it and the amazing reviews it had.’

The album was recorded in Thomas own Earplug Studio  in  Copenhagen. He did all the recordings except Jan Weincke’s leads which Jan did in his own studio The Biomechanical Plant. Thomas also did mix and mastering.

‘We actually had a couple of other Danish producers mixing some songs but it just wasn’t what we were looking for. So I ended up doing it myself. All the recordings for the album were done in between other recording sessions in my studio. So it took a while. Jesper nailed the drums in 5 days in spring 2012 and the rest were recorded through 2012. The mix and mastering were done early 2013.

The band have had some very good reviews so far. ‘It’s always nice to get positive feedback. Well, our plan is to get as much people as possible to hear our music and buy the record. We have signed a promotion deal with Two Side Moon Promotion and they make sure that we are being noticed and reviewed in magazines and webzines around the world. We are also planning gigs for spring 2014 to promote the album, he enthuses.

Next Black Succubi plan is to get out and play a lot of gigs.

‘That’s what it’s all about. Next step is making a new album. And this time it wont take 5 years I promise. We are already in writing mode and Jesper and I have recorded a couple of demo songs so far. I know that Weincke has some ideas to. So hopefully we will start recording in the fall 2014.’

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Fireworks – Melodic Rock Magazine, UK

Printed magazine, issue 63, May / June 2014