Black Succubi

album_08Debut album 2008

Track list

  • Troubled Times ¤+
  • Dark Side
  • Into Oblivion
  • Blood And Flames
  • You Cant Run Away
  • Psychotic Meltdown +
  • Feel It Coming
  • Cry For Your Brother *
  • Slave
  • Time To Get Even

Album info

Music and lyrics by Black Succubi.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Earplug Studio, Copenhagen in 2007-2008 by Thomas Pedersen and Black Succubi.



  • Jan Lundstrøm: vocals
  • Thomas Pedersen: guitars, growl
  • Jens Berglid: drums
  • Jesper Brogaard: bass, backing vocals
  • Michael Søgaard Larsen: guitars, backing vocals


Guest appearances

¤ Additional backing vocals by Rachelle Ramm
+ Guitar solo by Kirk Backarach (IronFire)
* Guitar solo by Hank Shermann (Mercyful Fate, Force of Evil)


Guitar solos

  1. Michael acoustic, Michael/Kirk Backarach/Michael
  2. Thomas, Michael
  3. Michael
  4. Michael
  5. Michael intro, Thomas, Michael
  6. Michael, Kirk Backarach
  7. Thomas acoustic, Michael
  8. Michael intro, Hank Shermann/Michael/Hank Shermann
  9. Michael/Thomas intro, Thomas/Michael, Michael outro
  10. Michael, Thomas talk box



Released worldwide through digital downloading in July 2008.
Additional songs “With My Blood” and “Break These Walls” were recorded but not used for the final album.