Black Succubi (2006)

Unreleased albumcd2006

Track list
1. My Last Day
2. Give It All You’ve Got
3. Feel It Coming
4. I Hear You Calling ¤
5. Slave +
6. With My Blood
7. Frequency 915
8. Break These Walls
9. Burning Void
10. My Burden
11. Greedy Eyes
12. The River Bank *
13. Let It End

Album info
Music and lyrics by Black Succubi.

Recorded and mixed at Earplug Studio, Copenhagen in 2006 by Thomas Pedersen and Black Succubi.


Y (Yngve Raudberget): vocals
De Tomazio (Thomas Pedersen): guitars, growl
J.B. (Jens Berglid): drums
Jester (Jesper Brogaard): bass
De Stefano (Stefan Krey): guitars

Guest appearances
¤ Additional backing vocals by Anne Vinther
+ Additional backing vocals by Dennis Schou (PitchBlack, Psy:code)
* Guitar solo by Yngve Raudberget

Due to a noticeable line-up change shortly after the recording sessions, the band never released the album or the video made to support it.