8/10 score from Rock Report, Belgium

Rock Report

BLACK SUCCUBI ,,eye of the beholder”…Another late 2013 arrival…\,,/

“The pedigree of BLACK SUCCUBI is strongly related with SONS OF TOMORROW / SEVEN THORNS (2010’s “Return to the Past” is warmly recommended) and mostly with legendary FATE, this Danish outfit, perfectly named after the nasty Demonic figure, is both sexy and highly dangerous, surfing on the regeneration wave that seems to invade the European Market pushed under a unstoppable & triumphal wind that was blowing from this whole small country in 2013 (MERCENARY’s “Through Our Darkest Days“ / PRETTY MAIDS’ “Motherland” / VOLBEAT’s “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies” / FATE’s “If Not For The Devil” / ROYAL HUNT’s “A Life To Die For” / ARTILLERY “Legions“)… ”Eye of the Beholder” could have been the seventh element in order to complete the prophecy.

The cover art is beautiful and full of significance, displaying at the same time a feeling of repulsion and attraction, like the Devil himself and his maidservants, their music is also pretty catchy and infectious, infusing down tuned guitar riffs in the whole Thrash mode with an ultra-captive chorus mania and some magnetic hooks like in the self-titled opening song or the following one “Lullaby”, like Heaven & hell united, the third track and the next one sounds a little less interesting to my scorched ears but fortunately, “Until You Sleep” / the angelic ”Dream Little Dreamer” / ”Count Your Blessings” or “Sin of Man” are using again the early seduction wicked trick with the genuine and pristine Metalized recipe in the same uplifting mood.

The spell is strong and until the end with the regenerated “Eye of the Beholder II”, the priestess of evil holds you tightly (yep, you the listener) in his arms and her strength of will is black and deepest as the Abyss, then she leaves you alone, with a troubled perception and with an unspeakable desire, longing to press the play button again….\,,/”


(originally written for Metal-Temple.com)

8/10 or 80/100 or ****1/2

Score 8/10,
Rock Report, Belgium

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